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Thursday, 26 November 2015 @ 02:06

(dress & tee by Pomelo)
How's everyone been? I've been taking a well deserved break for a while now and it feels good to get up at 12 again and snack on cereal and whatever's left in the fridge. But we'll get to that another time. 

Past few weekends have been hectic, trying to soak up as much rest as i could and i spent one of those weekends with my two gorgeous girls lying out in the sun at Coastes. I'm not the kind to frequent Sentosa much but when i do, i'm always only at the beach bars like this simply to soak up the atmosphere. Besides for lazy sunbathers and families with little kids, Coastes is a perfect hideout for anyone who's looking to recharge over munchies and summery drinks. Even felt like i was on holiday at one point. 

OF COURSE we had to have food —Pizza, calamari, spicy wings, fries and oh not forgetting their signature Mango martini, made with Snow Leopard vodka. I know what you're thinking... sounds like a lot of food for three tiny girls but we sure did manage to finish everything. We had a hard time picking out our bites with their WIDE range of food and i was especially tempted to try their yoghurt and granola bowl since i saw someone order it on my last visit. Their manager reccomended i order their Mango Martini because "it won't disappoint!" and it definitely didn't, hitting the spot for such a scorching hot afternoon. Also, i am a sucker for all things mango. The rest of the afternoon was spent sleeping on Coastes' beach beds (i was hiding in the shade btw) and catching up with the ZZZ's and each other. 

And since good things should be shared, heads up if you do happen to drop by Coastes one of these weekends, snap an picture of your #OOTD to stand a chance to win vouchers to use at Coastes as well as Pomelo, one of my new favourite labels to hit the scene. 

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Sunday, 25 October 2015 @ 06:55

IMG_9190 IMG_9186
(photos by Monica, Jewellery by The Ordinary Co., Top by Hyphen The Label, Shoes by Superga)

I've always been asked about my hair, and how i keep it frizz-free and volumnous etc. To be completely honest, my hair is far from frizz-free. Take one look at the weather and you'll know that nobody's hair in Singapore is up to their expectations. haha, if i could i'd pull my hair up in a bun everyday. Having thick and curly hair can be the biggest burden ever, especially if you're as lazy as i am. But constant trips to Jean Yip over the past one (two? ) years has taken a weight off my shoulders, especially since i'm always too busy to take care of my hair the way it should be taken care of. I'm quite indecisive with the way i want my hair to be, one day i want it long and the next i want it short, but David (and Carlos, every once in a while) has been ever so patient with my demands. My first dye job was at Jean yip probably a year ago, and i was a bit hesitant at the beginning because of the damage that dyeing usually does. But, the constant treatment sessions has kept my precious locks from drying out or WORST: brittle. I'm thinking of growing out my hair again, and aiming for a drastic change in hair colour but with tan skin comes many restrictions. sigh. David, i'll leave it up to you then!

Besides loving my hair, they've also been taking care of my nails! I've officially popped my Gelish cherry with them and i'm quite happy to say that i'll be sticking to gelish for a while. I'm really clumsy with my nails and i always manage to chip them after a fresh coat of paint. WITHOUT FAIL. The last nail artist who attended to me gave me some inspiration for nail art cause i'm quite a boring person as it is and i'd usually go for black or red so i thought, why not try something new? So in the end, i went with this electric blue combo + Chiara Ferragni inspired nailart, and i thought it was pretty well executed. Can't wait to go back next month but first let me hunt through pinterest for some nail-art inspo. Or maybe i'll just grow them out to channel some Kylie Jenner claws, huh?  

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Monday, 14 September 2015 @ 08:57

Top, by Tobi/ Shades by Tens

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Saturday, 13 June 2015 @ 03:49

 Top from, sneakers from Superga, Bag from Zara

Finally got down to getting my hair done at Jean Yip again and i'm glad i did! I had to literally drag myself out of bed because waking up pass 12 is such a norm for the weekends but if i never get up, i'll never get anything done. Thank you Jean Yip (and my stylist, david) for such great service, time and time again. Walked around candidly with my bud, shaq, and went back to our first love: Shiok Maki! Twas a good few hours, wandering around town aimlessly. Time together with this idiot will always be funny and filled with WTF moments. This time, we're adding girl advice to the mix (sometimes i feel like i'm the dude and he's the girl) 

Life is good for now (ha ha what a thing to say) I find it easier to live life when i'm completely detached from any emotion whatsoever. I've wiped my head and most importantly, my heart, clean as of now. Let's see how long this lasts. I love it that my work is fueling my zest for life. How many people can wake up each day to say that they're genuinely excited to go to work? I'm one of the blessed ones and i hope that one day, each and every one of you reading this chunk of text will be able to relate with me. It's an amazing feeling.


I'm searching for ways to keep this little site and alive and i find it such a pain to want to take good pictures to post but that's not how it should be, no? I'm not always carrying a camera around  unless i'm at work. So to hell with the social norms of taking "good pictures" for blogs and instagram, my iphone6 will do just fine.  After all, the point is to capture these candid, flawed moments. Not the ones that have been colour corrected and sharpened. 

Till the next time, my friends!

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015 @ 12:16

Forever Lace dress from, get yours here/ Photo by Monica

Graduating in a weeks time. oh, how time flies. I'm excited to see what life has in store for me. Excited, yet so terribly afraid. But it's okay, it's okay to be afraid. It's okay to make mistakes and it's okay to mess up but the most important thing is to get up and try again. I know that now, and i'm up I'M UP. I'm ready to try again 

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