no place i'd rather be

Where did all my time go?

So we've gone from 6 months till i leave to less than four days. My bags are not packed. They are far from being ready to transport twenty-two years of clothes, makeup, shoes, memories, tears and happiness from a place i call home. Clothes strewn on the floor with random ziplock bags of medicine and food pastes (ultimate necessity, or so i've been told) nestled in between. My shoes are separated into piles of importance; MUST HAVE, MAYBE, NEXT TRIP. Really, my room is an absolute mess. But it is an exciting kind of mess, kinda like adventures waiting to happen.

Soon, Wednesday will arrive and I will wake up in the morning as disorientated as ever and not realise that this would be the last time being awoken by jewel's annoying purring. I will brush my teeth, wash my hair, grab some coffee and probably not realise how far i'll be from everyone I love in a matter of hours. I will sit in the car, watch the world go by as i pull up in Changi Airport, probably still feeling like "i'm only here to pick someone up" But no, I'll check in 30kgs worth of my life, say my goodbyes, give kisses, shed a few tears (silently and privately) and think, "Here we go." 

But again, I am excited. 

sunsets & gin


Jeffrey Campbell Mules via Shopbop, Citizens of Humanity Wide legged jeans via Shopbop, Forever 21 Tank, Vissy Bag

There's something about white jeans that just oozes class. I love, love, love a good white pants + shirt combo but unfortunately i could never find the perfect white pair of jeans. Ever. With white jeans, the line between looking chic and looking fat is so thin you'll never really realise it till you cross it and even with my skinny ass it's still so difficult to find one with the perfect fit. So i guess i'll be sticking to shorts and wide-legged jeans, much like this pair of frayed gorgeousness from Citizens of Humanity (via Shopbop) for a while. I can already foresee a pointy boot + pants + shirt + hat combo in London. Well, if the wind doesn't take my hat first... 

Counting down: nineteen days till i fly!

Besides rambling about white pants, I had the pleasure of stopping by The Rabbit Hole yesterday evening for a Gin Masterclass! Before yesterday, I was downing glasses of G&T's without learning about its rich history and how it's literally just vodka, but distilled with juniper berries! Thank you Karen, Rennie & Sarah for a ball of a time, downing glasses of different gin-concoctions & especially that amazing truffle mushroom sandwich. Also, how gorgeous is this place? 

Don't forget to quote 'It's LeGINdary' to get thirty dollars off your bill at The Rabbit Hole.



I absolutely love this trend, or "The Superman Outfit", As my boyfriend calls it; wearing your clothes on top of each other. Besides clicking picture after picture on (ugh, this) I love finding fresh inspiration on Pinterest. I also absolutely love The Sartorialist's streestyle pictures and I've been following him for awhile now. I'm always in awe of stylish 'everyday' people he captures ever so effortlessly all over the world (check him out here).

Of all the fashion trends that have come and gone, I find this layering trend the most practical, simply because i get to recycle past season clothes in my wardrobe, especially the ones i don't wear anymore. Bustiers, for example, are the easiest item to experiment with for this because they're the best candidate for clothing that gets thrown to the back of your wardrobe after a few wears, amirite? 

how to nail the look:

1.  Pair your bustier with a basic top of a complimenting colour — For starters, a t-shirt? 

2. Check yo'self In the mirror — Does it fit right? look out for awkward bunching around the armpits especially if you're pairing it with a long sleeve shirt/tee below

3. Leave the house, never look back — it's all about having confidence in what you choose to pair together. have fun experimenting with different colours, prints and textures!

Top: H&M, Bustier: Free People Via Shopbop, Jeans: American Eagle

Photographed by: Gabriel Lean