A spring in my step


Waist Belt Pouch from Rebecca Minkoff via Shopbop, Dress from Finders Keepers Via FSHNBKR, Jacket from Pomelo Fashion, Boots from Mango via Zalora

The gloomy winter days have finally subsided, with the sun setting later than it normally should and the streets littered with these delicate petals all around. Everyone seems happier to be alive these days, lesser grouchy faces walking around and a little baby on the train actually held my hand for the whole of my journey on the Tube. It's the little things. Or maybe that kiddo just wanted to reach for my phone.

The glorious sun was out last week, pouring and shining over every square inch of earth it could reach. The whole of London was out on picnic blankets with glasses of bubbly in hand. I take these moments for granted sometimes, and I never fully appreciate how beautiful the earth really is. I never used to be a morning person but these days i find it so easy to wake up when the sun creeps through my blinds to kiss me awake. I hope this routine sticks with me, since my little break from school is almost over. This semester we're finally working on a brief i'm actually excited to get started on — creating our own publication!

And speaking of magazines, my latest venture into the digital art scene is live on Swee Zine! Nicole and I are very excited to grow this little seedling of ours, in hopes of developing the arts scene back home in Singapore. Get in touch if you'd like to contribute! X

In celebration of the glorious changing of seasons, treat yourself to a shopping spree on Shopbop with their Spring Sale, with discounts off many renowned labels.

(Maybe it's time to get another pair of Supergas, my white pair is starting to fall apart again!)

Sale ends at 11:59PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles), Friday 4/14.

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