mane situation

 Top from

, sneakers from Superga, Bag from Zara

Finally got down to getting my hair done at

Jean Yip

again and i'm glad i did! I had to literally drag myself out of bed because waking up pass 12 is such a norm for the weekends but if i never get up, i'll never get anything done. Thank you Jean Yip (and my stylist, david) for such great service, time and time again. Walked around candidly with my bud, shaq, and went back to our first love: Shiok Maki! Twas a good few hours, wandering around town aimlessly. Time together with this idiot will always be funny and filled with WTF moments. This time, we're adding girl advice to the mix (sometimes i feel like i'm the dude and he's the girl) 

Life is good for now (ha ha what a thing to say) I find it easier to live life when i'm completely detached from any emotion whatsoever. I've wiped my head and most importantly, my heart, clean as of now. Let's see how long this lasts. I love it that my work is fueling my zest for life. How many people can wake up each day to say that they're genuinely excited to go to work? I'm one of the blessed ones and i hope that one day, each and every one of you reading this chunk of text will be able to relate with me. It's an amazing feeling.


I'm searching for ways to keep this little site and alive and i find it such a pain to want to take good pictures to post but that's not how it should be, no? I'm not always carrying a camera around  unless i'm at work. So to hell with the social norms of taking "good pictures" for blogs and instagram, my iphone6 will do just fine.  

After all, the point is to capture these candid, flawed moments. Not the ones that have been colour corrected and sharpened. 

Till the next time, my friends!