mane thang


(photos by Monica, Jewellery by The Ordinary Co., Top by Hyphen The Label, Shoes by Superga)

I've always been asked about my hair, and how i keep it frizz-free and volumnous etc. To be completely honest, my hair is far from frizz-free. Take one look at the weather and you'll know that nobody's hair in Singapore is up to their expectations. haha, if i could i'd pull my hair up in a bun everyday. Having thick and curly hair can be the biggest burden ever, especially if you're as lazy as i am. But constant trips to Jean Yip over the past one (two? ) years has taken a weight off my shoulders, especially since i'm always too busy to take care of my hair the way it should be taken care of. I'm quite indecisive with the way i want my hair to be, one day i want it long and the next i want it short, but David (and Carlos, every once in a while) has been ever so patient with my demands. My first dye job was at Jean yip probably a year ago, and i was a bit hesitant at the beginning because of the damage that dyeing usually does. But, the constant treatment sessions has kept my precious locks from drying out or WORST: brittle. I'm thinking of growing out my hair again, and aiming for a drastic change in hair colour but with tan skin comes many restrictions. sigh. David, i'll leave it up to you then!

Besides loving my hair, they've also been taking care of my nails! I've officially popped my Gelish cherry with them and i'm quite happy to say that i'll be sticking to gelish for a while. I'm really clumsy with my nails and i always manage to chip them after a fresh coat of paint. WITHOUT FAIL. The last nail artist who attended to me gave me some inspiration for nail art cause i'm quite a boring person as it is and i'd usually go for black or red so i thought, why not try something new? So in the end, i went with this electric blue combo + Chiara Ferragni inspired nailart, and i thought it was pretty well executed. Can't wait to go back next month but first let me hunt through pinterest for some nail-art inspo. Or maybe i'll just grow them out to channel some Kylie Jenner claws, huh?