White Lucent Luminizing Infuser

Combining Deep Infuse Technology and SAKURAResist Technology to soften the skin's surface to help the whitening components to infuse into the skin efficiently. 







White Lucent MicroTargeting Correcter








MultiBright Night Cream











White Lucent Luminizing Surge





(photos by: @Luxmondi + Me) 

(photos by: @Luxmondi + Me) 

Skincare is a tricky thing to nail, am i right? 

"You don't moisturize?!" a beauty junkie friend once exclaimed in my face, after telling her about my beauty regime that simply consisted of ONLY washing my face. that's all. Maybe i just take my good complexion for granted (shoutout to the mother for great genes) that i neglect the fact that good skincare routine is as essential as a balanced diet. Or so they say...


The one thing i am openly and obsessively insecure about are the dark circles under my eyes. Lack of sleep, stress and a really bad diet are three things in my life that are constant and over time, it started to show— on my face. I used to be able to go out and feel confident without wearing any form of concealing makeup, heck i only bought a legitimate concealer end of last year. But now it feels like i'm fighting to find the best concealer, brand after brand, to get rid of them COMPLETELY.

So you can imagine how i must've felt when Shiseido sent over a package over a month ago that consisted of their new White Lucent range. I took it as my one way ticket back to good skin, after hearing many good things about the brand. Also, i know the word "white" may be sensitive to a few of you so let me reassure you right here that these aren't skin WHITENING products, rather, they help to BRIGHTEN skin, not WHITEN. Don't forget, i'm all about the #browngurlreppin' 

Having to abide by a strict skin regime for the past two months proved to be tricky but nothing ever worth having is easy, right? Especially not good skin. After a few weeks of religiously applying bottle after bottle on my face, it became easier to live without much makeup and instead of dull and lifeless skin and my face started regaining its youthful and glowly complexion again. I even recommended Nic & Annette to redeem the free sample set they were giving out JUST so they'd know what i was talking about.

The MicroTargeting Spot Corrector is the one thing i use the most, just so i could see whether it really worked on me because i have a bad history of buying eye creams and having to chuck them in the drawer because they didn't work for me. As for this one, i'd say that it made a significant difference. I stopped using it for a week or too (pure laziness. tsk) and the difference was pretty obvious. The Luminizing Surge comes next for me, acting as my daily moisturizer. As for the Multibright Night Cream and the Luminizing Infuser, i use them only at night and in the morning respectively. 

Hoping to keep this habit of moisturizing and moisturizing and moisturizing for the long run and in turn, pick up the confidence again to embrace my bare face. It's not perfect, but i'm getting there.

For more information on Shiseido's #WhiteLucent, head over to their facebook page via here