on fleek

Eyebrows; the one feature that really completes a look. From glamorous smokey eyes and red lips to keeping it au-naturel with just a touch of blush on your face. We never coveted to look like celebrities with full sets of brows until Cara Delevingne hit the scene and to be honest, it's so unfair cause girls like me have been having thick bushy brows since we were kids and we always got bullied for them (i don't know about y'all but yep, i did) But i guess we're the lucky ones now! Anyway, I never used to see the need to fill in my brows and fuss over brow gel and all but boy do they make a world of a difference, even for someone with eyebrows abundant with hair (if you don't believe me... Click here & here to see the difference)

Before Benefit sent me their whole collection to review i used to fill my brows in using my Naked Palette eyeshadow in black, with a regular ol' eyeshadow brush (not even a hard-angled brush what is wrong with me). I thought, ok why should i buy another pencil if its going to do the same thing eyeshadow does? 

For one thing, it's way more convenient to carry around a pencil or a pot than a whole palette of eyeshadow. Also, most eyebrow pencils come with a spooly attached, yeah the little brush thing at the end. I never realised how important it was to blend out your eyebrows till i saw someone with really unflattering sharpie eyebrows once. Always blend, guys!!! 

Anyway, the two products that are my constant my go-to these days are: KA BROW! EYEBROW CREAM GEL & 3D BROWTONES EYEBROW ENHANCER. The Eyebrow cream gel is super creamy and pigmented, makes it super easy for me to glide on some colour when i'm in a rush, or on most days... sitting in a crowded train doing my makeup. The 3D Browtones Eyebrow enhancer also helps to soften my thick black brows, giving it a bit of highlights and also ensuring that it doesn't stand out too much next to my coloured hair; which is honestly one of the reasons why i didn't use to fill in my brows so much. 

Brow Zings eyebrow Shaping kit

This highly acclaimed eyebrow kit, with both powder and wax to set your brows, comes as as a revised edition in a silver packaging instead; too pretty to resist!

What i love about this is the little pair of tweezers included, which is super handy for days where i really need DIY grooming. The angled brush is also a highlight for me, so i don't have to carry a regular sized one around when i need to fix my brows on the go. 

Available in six shades here




Perfect for girls like me who have a substantial amount of eyebrow hair, but can still do with a bit of filling in here and there. Its diamond shape applicator ensures smooth application to fill in the gaps and you can also switch to the tip of the pencil to fill in the tail end; transforming it from being patchy and uneven to highly defined. 


Now if you're someone who has really thin, sparse brows, this pencil is perfect for filling them in with hair-like strokes. The built in spooly is super handy for blending them out from the front to the tail, easing the harsh strokes and giving it an incredibly natural look. Seriously, nothing is worst than having two overly-defined rectangles as brows. 

Both available here


3D BROWTONES Eyebrow Enhancer

Something that bothers my about my brows is that they never match my hair because i change the colour a lot. So the 3D Browtones is a perfect product to battle just that, as it breaks up the harsh lines and adds an instant highlight. Highlighter for your brows though?! A first for me. 

Available here


KA BROW! eyebrow cream gel colour

For those who prefer gel-based products (me!) for easy and precise application with a buildable formula complete with a hard angled brush. I prefer gels because they make it easier for me to fill in the little gaps in my brows. Its 24-hour waterproof wear is perfect for the humid weather so you don't sweat your brows off, a very real problem amirite?

 Also, doesn't the packaging remind you of the oldschool pots of kohl?

Available in six shades here

READY, SET, BROW! clear brow gel

If you don't have many unruly hairs that go wonky throughout the day, you probably don't require this step (perhaps some setting spray will do the trick!). But if you do, End off your brow routine with a quick swipe of the ready, set, brow gel. Keeping your eyebrows on fleek all day, everyday. 

Available here


HIGH BROW Eyebrow highlighter

Lift your brows by highlighting the brow bones with the High Brow highlighter. Its creamy formula allows easy blending with either a brush or even just your fingers! 

Available here


Every good makeup routine should include a primer as a base to allow makeup to glide smoothly and last longer. The Browvo! Conditioning Primer doesn't only act as a primer to enhance any other products you layer on, but it also grows and conditions your brows with its ingredients of keratin and soy proteins, known for enhancing the growth and thickness of your hair. 

Available here

GIMME! BROW Volumnizing Gel

For the days where you just don't have the time to perfect your brows wth a pencil. Create the illusion of fuller brows with the Gimme! Brow Volumnizing gel, pair with 3D Browtones for a complete look if you're pressed for time. Kinda like a...mascara for your brows? 

Available in three shades here


The NEW Benefit Brow Collection is now available at Sephora.sg and in-stores.