a weekend at: The Club

What happens when your plans to surprise your #bae with a trip to Hong Kong fails? You plan the next best thing: A Staycation. For Nic's birthday weekend, We had the pleasure of escaping life for a bit by staying at The Club Singapore. If you've walked through Ann Siang Hill, you'd probably recognise this building for its gorgeous red-panelled windows. And yes, the interior of this place is as beautiful as the outside. The one thing I love about this place is its size; not too small, not too big. The reception area shares a space with their in-house cafe, "Mr & Mrs Maxwell" where we dined for breakfast the next morning, and is decorated so exquisitely, down to their choice of floor tiles. The quaint boutique hotel nests atop Ann Siang Hill and has two suites in total, one on each floor that overlooks the streets. That's our massive balcony in the picture above!

Nespresso machine, a fluffy queen size bed simply MADE for jumping on, a collection of magazines and books for light reading, a fully stocked fridge... man, this hotel has thought of everything a traveller (or weekend getaway-er) needs. Not forgetting, a smart phone. Yes, a fricking smartphone for our personal usage. 

No guesses as to where my favourite part of the room was...

After an hour (or two) of marvelling at every single thing we found in the room i.e LOOK there's an umbrella, can we bring it home!!! (disclaimer: we did not) we went out to grab brunch at VXX Cooperative, but let's save that for another post.

Getting ready in this bathroom was a nightmare for me because all i wanted to do was to take pictures in every single corner. Truly. the #InstagramWhore in me was released. The bathroom was fully stocked with Bamford products that smelled amazing. Nic being Nic, kept going on and on about how fresh his hands smelt after he used the soap and we even asked the front desk if we could have a few more bottles of body lotions. 


Since it was Nic's 26th birthday, we decided to get dressed up for a nice dinner date. He also wanted somewhere we wouldn't usually dine at and humbly requested for CUT but... who am I kidding, I can't afford that right now, especially with all the saving i've been doing for school. BUT because The Club had a restaurant situated on the roof of their building, I thought it'd be a good place for an romantic, not forgetting affordable, evening... and it was peruvian inspired cuisine! 

Unusual Cuisine... Check 

Romantic setting... Double Check!

Tiger's Milk was a pretty decent place, actually! Mostly because i love exploring different cuisines. If you like mexican cuisine, I have an inkling that you'd like this place too. We started off with their Tiger's Milk Trio, a triad of ceviches that varied in degrees of spice. Unfortunately for us, we started off with the spiciest bowl instead of the least. We were sweating profusely but it was so good I couldn't stop, not even at the last drop. We also had their signature cocktails, the Pisocorinha, made with calamansi, passionfruit and sour plum and the Pisco Sour, a peruvian classic made with pisco, lemon and egg white. If you like your cocktails sweet and refreshing, this is something i'd definitely go for. 

We also had their Wagyu Beef Rib Fingers and a Peruvian Roasted Chicken, both equally as tasty. The chicken was neither overcooked nor dry, which was refreshing because I basically stopped eating chicken in restaurants because i really hated the stringy texture of it. The beef was my favourite, simply because it was on a stick and it fell of really nicely with each bite. Who doesn't love meat on a stick?! 

One thing i had to compliment the kitchen for was this grilled pineapple wedge with ice cream! I told them i wanted a candle for a small cake i was going to buy later on but they definitely exceeded my expectations by serving us this sweet treat.

The Rooftop: Tiger's Milk 

28 Ann Siang Rd, The Club, 069708


The basement of this quaint building is where the party is at! B28, Or "Basement 28" is a blues bar transported back in time with its vintage decor and ambience. They even had black and white films (Charlie Chaplin!) on loop the whole time. One of the reasons why I picked The Club for a staycation was this bar, simply because there was nothing Nic loves more than a good ol' fashioned and a live blues band. He's an old soul, my boyfriend, 

I don't drink whiskey, so I opted for a french 75 which was a perfect mix of gin, champagne, lemon and sugar. Told you, I'm such a sucker for sweet things. Nic had an old fashioned which got a nod of approval from him, something that doesn't happen very often. I'd recommend sitting by the bar because that's where the magic happens! I absolutely love watching bartenders do their thing and whip up a drink from nothing. The overall experience of the bar was far from disappointing and it made us feel like we were back in the 20's era, mostly because of the live band that comes on at 11pm and lasts till 1am, which is probably why the place became progressively crowded. Thank God for reservations. 

The Basement: B28

28 Ann Siang Rd, The Club, 069708

Breakfast, my favourite part of any hotel stay. We didn't know that we could actually opt to order in breakfast-in-bed so we stumbled down, thinking we had missed breakfast as it was already 10:30. I was so thankful that they still served breakfast because I was pretty sure we had missed it. We both ordered English breakfasts from the choices of Local and Continental and it came shortly after, perfectly plated, with a side of toast, jam and bananas. It was a slow morning of relishing the last feels of being on a getaway, knowing that the next time we'd enjoy the wonders of a hotel breakfast will probably be when we're backpacking in Europe in December. 

Looking forward to coming back here for brunch one day! 

Mr & Mrs Maxwell

28 Ann Siang Rd, The Club, 069708

The rest of the morning was spent rolling around the room and packing up as fast as we could so we could enjoy the room for a little while longer. Definitely one of my better experiences, partially because we basically didn't leave the building much. The only way the experience could be amplified was if they had a pool. But then again, the gorgeous bathtub made up for that. 

If any of you were looking for a good places to run away to on the weekend with a loved one, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is definitely your go-to. 

Till next time, The Club!

Thank your for your hospitality and excellent service.