Fresh starts.


After much much much needed persuasion from many people (thank you Jackie x), i finally decided to start up a blog.I'd really like to thank Asyiha & Huiwen for helping me out with this blogskin(do they still call it that?)I HAVE BEEN CLUELESS ON reconstructing this blog as it was previously a personal site. I'm not much of a writer so, pardon me if i don't satisfy you with my writing. All i know is that i've decided to put my love for fashion AND DIY's beyond the platform of Instagram (& Facebook ha ha)
enjoy x

To start off this blog right, here's my first ever outfit post *applause* 
I really kinda like this outfit cause of the hints of gold i chosen to pump up this simple slit dress, which btw I AM OBSESSED WITH.
(now you know why this site is called Accentsofgold eh?)

(picture by Abraham who so lovingly rushed down from his house to take these for me)
Shirt Dress/ Topshop. Gold Cuff/Online. Gold sandals/Topshop Straw basket bag/Bali