make a statement.

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Understated is old, Statement is now. 
We have had our fair share of statement necklaces but what about statement earrings? I personally feel that statement earrings are IN. What a better way to capture attention than with not one, but, TWO pieces? (well, earrings come in a pair, dont they?) Contrary to what people think, they aren't as heavy as they look (with the exception of some).The weight of the earring lies in the material it is made from and as long as you don't get anything too heavy (these may stretch your earlobes) you'll be rocking them in no time! Just be careful not to get them caught in anything, Yikes!

I personally LOVE statement earrings more than i love statement necklaces, and i have WAY too many statement earrings!(It must be the indian genes, me thinks) and most of them really turn heads or spark questions like, "isn't it heavy?" or "ouch, doesn't that hurt?" Try it out and see for yourself ;)

i went out the other day and i decided to statement-ify (yes that's what i shall call it from now on...) my very casual outfit with these pair of BEAUTIFUL, again, BEAUTIFUL white crocheted pair of earrings from Topshop. I had been constantly eyeing it and when it went on sale I GRABBED EM' WITH NO REGRETS!!!!!

 Pair any statement necklaces (or in this case, statement earrings) with basics and i promise, you'll turn many heads. I've had people staring at me funnily as if i grew a moustache but if ya got it flaunt it, right? 

 Dress(DIY-ed into a top)/Topshop Denim shorts/Thrifted Chelsea Boots/Topshop Bag/Thrifted Crochet earrings/Topshop Sunglasses/Flea
Photos: Abraham

Well i wore this to meet my bud, Gandeep, to go on a thrifting adventure (which btw, I LOVE) If you think that i shop for expensive clothes well you're absolutely wrong! I LOVE thrifting and DIY-ing and digging out treasures at flea markets. LOVE IT. We went to check out a Charity shop at queenstown called "Minds Shop" There are quite a few Minds shops around SG but i honestly wouldn't recommend this particular one. It was rather small and there wasn't anything that caught my eye, besides a scarf. Gandeep managed to find a green knitted sweater which was lovely but that was it! They sell more books than clothes so if you're a book-worm it may be slightly more enjoyable for you. The walk was long, though we didn't complain (hahahha we needed the exercise)

We went to Spruce after that, and highly regretted it (hahahahahhaha) I wouldn't recommend it to be part of your cafe hunt list but then again, i only had the coffee. The prices were too exquisite for us coz it was more of a Restaurant/Bar than it is a Cafe. Our next stop was Kith Cafe @ Park Mall!

I reaaaally loved the atmosphere and they even let me charge my phone with their personal charger. Talk about good service! We had Bacon and egg toasties and they were yumz! Definitely on my next Cafe Hunt list!

i fell in love with this cute coat at H&M that had looked like it had an identity crisis.T'was neither a parka nor a jacket and it gave me a very different vibe when I looked at it like, "hmmm can I make this werk or not?!?" but I couldn't deny it, It was calling out my name.

And as i type this, my mind is floating away thinking about all the outfits i can create with this beauty. Dress up, Dress downs. You name it. The possibilities are endless.

 Dat' leather sleeves................ killed me.
i foresee many styling posts with these babies, watch this space!

(This is my first of many post so please leave comments, post suggestions,what you'd like to see etc! be nice hee hee)