Ripped jeans, skin was showing

 Button up shirt/ Gifted. Ripped Jeans(DIY)/Jackie Necklace/Mom's Heels/H&M Bag/thrifted

 Thursday saw me strutting about in a pair of jeans I had ripped the night before, my favorite button up shirt,  Mom's old necklace and of course- These gorgeous mint heels from H&M. Now i'd just like to say one thing before we get on here: I. Hate. Walking. In. Heels. But it's not like i can't walk in them, i just prefer being comfortable than having to walk about on my tippy toes. To anyone out there who spends their every waking moment in heels, i'd like to bow down to you and salute you for being able to overcome one of life's greatest challenges (for me) But, i will try and make a conscious effort to start walking in heels more often because i think that the perfect pair of heels compliments any kind of outfit!

What i love about this outfit is how it's so dressed up yet it's not. The contrast of the rugged, worn out jeans against the classic button up shirt and a jewel necklace is what gets me the most. I'm just like ugh can someone get me to New York already so i can wear this whilst walking down the streets of the best place in the universe?!?!?! *sobs* It's too bad the singapore weather is how it is, or i'll match this ensemble with a nice long coat. (I think i've been browsing through thesartorialist for waaaay to0 long)

 I've been searching for the perfect pair of ripped jeans for the longest time and still, i have not met my perfect match.I bought these jeans off a friend and have been contemplating on whether or not i should rip it for the longest time- The color, the fit..... Perfect for ripping. After reading maaaaaany tutorials (Including my favouritest Apairandaspare & Loveaesthetics  ) Here's a tutorial, Goklani style ;-)

1) mark out where you want it to be ripped
I chose the spot on my knee and another slightly higher. The beauty about ripped jeans are that every result is different and still beautiful. Go ahead! Experiment!

2) Start sandpaper-ing on the spot
Why Sandpaper? It wears out the fabric, making it look like it's actually been worn out naturally. I prefer this method (rather than cutting) 
It took me about 10-15 minutes to finally wear out the fabric.
Once it wears out, you can gently tear it apart and it should start looking like this. (For extra rips, you may cut a small slit and start pulling apart the threads)
3) Keep ripping and pulling the threads till your desired effect and you're done!
Go ahead & Mix it up! Maybe you could rip em all the way down? Or maybe you could rip em at both knees? The possibilities are endless! 

Let me know if you've tried this out, i'd absolutely love to see your very own pair of ripped jeans x