YEAR 2. 
How it surreal it feels to walk through Design school once again amidst the morning crowd, squeezing with people on the buses, falling asleep during boring lectures, but only- It has already been one year. Year two doesn't feel any different, just that there are quite a few unfamiliar faces around AND we finally get our hands on relatively interesting modules. New classmates and awkward beginnings but, i know this will be a fruitful year indeed.

Today's ensemble was a bitter combination of being late for class+being lazy. Who knew how well it would turn out? I paired my H&M tee dress (Self-slit at the sides by yours truly) with a burst of floral with my shorts. Pair it with boots & your lazy-day-and-also-i-am-late outfit is DONE, Tadah!
Also, i love how my hair has faded into this weird green/brown color (hahahah it kinda looks like seaweed, no?) i loved the contrast of it against my gold hair cuff!

I think slit dresses are AWESOME and i got the idea from my friend sherilyn who bought a ready-made slit tee dress from Topshop and paired with with monochrome floral jeggings. i fell in love with that look and maybe i'll try pairing this tee with jeggings one day, too :P

Just had to post this picture of my buddies and i (minus Pea) because i miss them so much! Being in different classes makes all of us miss each other so much but i guess this separation is going to grow our friendship even more! If y'all don't already know, i honestly get my inspiration from the people around me and i just love what all my friends are wearing today (!!!)

Gandeep's pants are more of a deep fuchsia color, not red, but i loved the color combination so much that i just had to snap a picture! And Sherilyn's play on Formal/Informal with her White structured blazer vs. a printed tee & ripped shorts is stunning, i fell in love with the look! I love my friends and how everyone inspires me. Take a look around, you'll never know what will inspire you next

till then, stay brilliant and