Picnic Chic

So this is what I wore for "Picnic Chic" day with my class! Haha yes, that's how we roll.(I was going for a high-tea-garden-party-yo-look-at-all-my-money-look, y'know HAHAHA)Okay so, why picnic chic?!? Well it's because when we go for our breaks, there is never any space for us to sit :( and that's why we always decide to just sit on the grass and eat, pretty much like a picnic! And yeah we get stares, but who cares? yes that is Macdonalds in my hand and a measuring tape around my neck because...... i have no excuse

Got many stares while journeying to school and even walking around Tp but who cares, right? My other school friends often look at my outfit in shock and go like "not paiseh meh? you dress up so extravagantly for school" or "are you going to school or a fashion show" but i'm all like GIIIIRL, LIFE IS MY RUNWAY! Dressing up the way i do is a form of self-expression for me and it allows me to parade my individuality.

Those who mind, won't matter and those who matter won't mind.

To anyone afraid of dressing the way they want to, to school or wherever, SCREW IT AND JUST DRESS THE WAY THAT YOU WANT! You may get weird stares or awkward whispers but hey, you made them look, right? :p

of fire drills, picnics and school
till the next time