The current production module is about kites; those brilliant colours floating about in the skies, translucent with the bright sunshine gleaming through makes up a tiny bit of this project. I was interested in fighting kites; in the less whimsical, more realistic aspect of kite flying. The utter boredom of holding a kite string since my favorite part was just getting it up there, the cruelty of glass adorned strings cutting wings off birds that do actually fly free and I was interested in tangled strings. And so whilst the moodboard shows a strong sense of freedom; of flight and wind, there is my mental state staring back at you, questioning kite flying and how free it actually is.
– Pictures & text taken from www.pixieinspace.blogspot.com

So here you go, the final pictures from a shoot i had a while ago with the amazing Pixie (and not forgetting, Syaz & Gwen) for her portfolio! We headed into what pixie called, THE WILDERNESS, and got these amazing shots!!! i really had an amazing time shooting, sweating and laughing with them(also getting scared of the wild dogs wandering around the vicinity) i would personally like to steal this dress from her, i really love the flow and fluidity of movement it portrays. Makeup was done by none other than Syaz(@magsyaz) and gosh, it fit in with the mood so beautifully!(hehe support her on the Chn5 show, The Final One!)
Such talented seniors i have :') 

(behind the scenes)