Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Lately, i've been into the whole slouchy-tee-i-just-woke-up-from-bed-and-this-is-what-i-found-on-my-floor kinda look. You know, a crisp shirt and some fine jewelry to compliment your already understated outfit. And it's been a good look for me because i am such a heavy sleeper (i can sleep through bombs and riots) and i have absolutely no time to think of what to wear in the rush of the morn. 

Whoever said Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication is such a genius and i think everyone's fashion mantra should be revolving around it. Fashion doesn't have to be BRIGHT and BOLD and CONSTRASTING all the time, it's all about what you're feeling when you slip into your outfit. Do you feel loud today? or maybe you feel chill, like me, today? Then wear what you feel.

Also, i scored three new babies from H&M the other day. 1/Gold tinted aviators $9.90 2/Gold hardware Black Clutch $10 (sale) 3/Chunky gold & diamond necklace &17.90. You know i ain't kidding when i named this space Accentsofgold, huh?

Thankfully, i've been stocking up on basics (Think, H&M) and pairing them in the most simplest way i can. I wore this the other day for Easter service at church, i think it's rather chic, no? (i like how my sandals match my necklace hehe)

Grey tee dress (Self-slit at the sides) H&M/ Gold Necklace H&M/Clutch H&M/ Aviators H&M/ Jeweled sandals Topshop/