Hussein Chalayan, sheer brilliance

Audi Fashion Festival 2013
After a hectic week of school & missing ALL the shows, i finally had the chance to attend Hussein Chalayan's Autumn/Winter collection(!!!!!!)I went with my two buds Gandeep & Jenny and i had a fabulous time with them! i'm so blessed to have them coz we share a lot of similar interests hehe :') 

Anyway, i finally got to wear my favorite color combo- ALL WHITE. Believe it or not, the most expensive thing i was wearing that night were my Zara shoes that i recieved as a gift from my mama for my 19th birthday earlier this year. The white blazer and leather shorts were both bought online while the textured white top was a lucky find at a flea market one saturday.Who says you need to spend lots of money on clothes to look good, right! :-) Also, I finally got to use my NAKED2 Palette that my mama bought me (even tho you can't really see it) and i tried out a bit of a smoky eye (again, you can't really see it here) Thank God for youtube makeup tutorials!!!!

The three of us kinda had a monochrome-ish thing going on and i loveeee what they wore as well
Gandeep: Asos pants, white shirt, vintage blazer and a black satchel 
I fell in love with Gan's pants the moment he chanced upon it one day on ASOS and i thought "I MUST HAVE EMMM!!!" It would look GREAT with a pair of pumps, plain white tee accentuated with a chunky, silver neck piece. Which kinda was a more feminine version of what Gan was wearing

Jenny: Unif Cardigan, White Tee, Jeans, Silver chains and her *drum rolls* DOLCE VITAS!!!
Seriously, i would steal those pair of gorgeousness if she wasn't my friend HAHAHA. I love how her outfit was simple yet suited for the occasion!

Anyway, we had a great time before the show sipping on champagne and what not, looking at all the gorgeous people surrounding us and seeing lots of familiar faces like BOBBY TONNELLI (hehe :3), Dick Lee etc etc. We sat at the block nearest to the stage but a few rows from the back WHICH was, at first, a little bummer but i realized how i should be cherishing this opportunity instead of looking at the how far back i was or, if i could even watch the show at all. The moment it began, i totally forgot about everything else coz i was so in awe of the collection and the richness of the choice of fabrics and ESPECIALLY the element of surprise during the runway where the model was wearing one outfit and in the next moment, she rips off something and it turned into another outfit. Wow. 

(CHECK OUT 2:37, that was the "element of surprise i was talking about)
LOOK AT THE FABRIC OH MY GOD (brb reliving that night)

i was just editing the pictures and i realized how my experience with Audi for this and last year were so different. 

Last year i signed up to be a dresser for a few days at Audi and i must say, it was truly an amazing experience! i got to take a picture with Designer, Roland Mouret!!! Loved the collection and i met so many new people. :') So glad to have been in front of the stage rather than backstage this year!