some days

floppy hat/ H&M textured crop/Flea Market Skirt/Flea market Sandals/Charles & Keith Bag/ H&M

i'm so thankful for breaks from school. This week, we had two holidays (including today) and it's giving me the breather i need!

Wore this out yesterday and i had a lot of compliments about my hat! I'd just like to say that i think hats are an amazing way to spice up any ol' outfit from beanies to fedoras to floppy hats! I don't have that many hats but i'm starting to see more and more pretty hats especially, snapbacks. I know it's kind of the "trend" here in singapore but honestly, snapbacks are so versatile that you could style it any way that you want! Floppy hats would get you more attention though, because it's not as common as beanies or snapbacks etc. I think that floppy hats make an outfit look rather chic and sophisticated, don't you?

Searched for more street style pictures of people in hats and i must say, street style images/blogs are the BEST inspiration ever! i love seeing the variety of people from models to editors to even everyday people like you and i!

what are YOU gonna wear on your head next?