"Our brand's emphasis is on contrast and this contrast is displayed through clashing prints and colours. Hence, the choice of the word 'VERSUS' ,which is often used to link two or more 
opposing or contrasting elements, our brand's biggest focus."

So, here you go! Something my friends (excluding me, haha i've yet to take this module yet!) has been working on for their current module! All the Pieces are handmade by them with their blood, sweat and tears haha! I'd really like to commend my homies for an amazing job in creating such a beautiful brand + accessories!!! (I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS, YALL MUST SUPPORT ME THEN TOO OK) 

I had the honor of photoshooting with them last week with Gandeep's cousin, Akash! had a blast shooting with my favorite (hehe) photographer, Rid! :-) 

You can come on down to Temasek Poly's School of Design entrance on thursday, 9th of may to check out their booth & many others!
You can check them out on Facebook right now and get excited: 

& also check out the other groups doing their own brands too!
Magpie Syndrome 

Stripes x Neon clutch

 Leather x Plastic Clutch

Floral x Stripes Reversible Laptop Case

Floral x Stripes turban headband

Floral AND Striped 
Triangle Earrings