starry eyed *

outfit: Checkered shirt: Friends'/Green shorts: Online/Brown suede sling: Israel/Gold weave sandals: Topshop/ Electric Blue Turban: bought it off a friend

Decided to go all hippie boho whatever chic on friday afternoon with my get up, featuring my favorite piece, My vintage suede sling bag from a AUTHENTIC vintage store in israel! This bag is one of my favoritest finds of allll my thrift shopping adventures because 1)IT'S LITERALLY VINTAGE *dies* and 2) it's from frickin' Israel, who knows which lucky girl(or maybe a queen?!) had such fate with this bag! I distinctly remember strolling down this marketing, bustling with so much life and fresh produce and people haggling over fish and so many beautiful, beautiful people :') i  could almost remember the fresh, crisp air and the taste of the huge strawberries that cost a dollar for what, ONE KG?! I remember discovering this quaint corner shop that looked like more of a dump than a shop, but then again: one man's trash is another man's treasure! The bag cost me a mere 10USD and i left the shop smiling to myself like i had won the war, HAHAHA. ah, the things i'd do to go back to israel again..... ok, rambling stops here!

took a trip down to Tiong Bahru Bakery with two of my favorite girlfriends for a catch-up tea session and i must say, it is a LOVELY place to meet up with the girls or maybe sneak up on some alone time with a cuppa cappuccino!We were really hungry and were also on a budget (#designlife) and TBB definitely hit the spot! I had a Cappucino ($5.5), a Quiche Lorraine ($6.5) and their signature Croissant ($2.8) and i was STUFFED after the Quiche, i don't know how i managed to eat the croissant after that! 
 Didn't get to take much pictures of the place itself but y'all should DEFINITELY check it out! 

(or, their other branch)