super stacked

Basic tee: Cotton On/ Shredded checkered shorts: Bugis

Necklaces above: Cotton On

I'm all about gold, gold, gold but lately i tried something new: wearing silver. I used to think that i wouldn't suit silver accessories and such but i took a risk and bought these three pretty silver necklaces (all from cotton on, Malaysia) at such a cheap price! i bought a similar one in gold at an outlet in singapore but the ~shopaholic~ spirit in me urged me to buy these silver ones when i saw them in Malaysia! 

I think a super fun way to wear silver accessories is to stack em up', and create a statement piece! Though it was a little bit heavy, it was worth all the compliments! 
Alas, i can't say that i'm a gold-lover anymore because i have cheated on silver but then again, a little bit of both wouldn't hurt, will it? 

Definitely going to piece up my necklaces together in the future, are you? 

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