tunnel vision

Hat from H&M/Denim Jacket from Flea/ Striped tee from Flea/ Black shimmer shorts from Flea/Shoes from Online

Blazer & Tee from Cotton On/Necklace form Zara/Jeans from H&M

Making up for my lack of posts by combining a few posts into one! Sorry guys, it's been so crazy for me recently. Submissions after submissions and then falling sick DURING submission period, it's amazing that i didn't just collapse in a heap of dust due to extreme fatigue. But i'm up on my feet again and it's the HOLIDAYS(!!!) However, there's lots to be done like, submissions and shiz. But i'm gonna be taking it easy and most definitely using this holidays to have more DIY posts so stay tuned! i've got lots of things up my sleeves, hehe :-)Borrowed my cousin's nikon a few days ago so YES, FINALLY, photos of much better quality up on this page! maybe y'allz could comment on what you would like to see here! 

(Been really into basics and BnW combis recently and it is my very own self-diagnosis that i am coming down with a bad case of LAZINESS but then again, it isn't such a bad thing!)