Crop top from Flea market/ Mango Vest/ Uniqlo Jeans/ Zara heels/ Woven bag from Bali
(photos by Nicole)

Saturday saw me prancing around in my pretty new heels from Zara i so happily purchased from their sale. I AM IN LOVE (!!!!) Though it took me super long to decide which pair i should get, (they had another gorgeous pair in red) i'm glad i got this brilliant turquoise-ish blue color! (thanks Gandeep for waiting for me, hehe)

If you realize, i don't wear much heels and such because of well, i can't walk in them! but these pair fit and walks so comfortably, i can't believe they're so high and yet so comfortable! I guess price really does make a difference! 
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Going to be a short post today, but thank you everyone for reading what i have to share about my world. Stay tuned!