(DIY) Woven Tribal Skirt

DIY/ Woven tribal skirt
(guess what they're made of? (; )

So a few months back, i had an assignment where i had to create a dress that was environmentally friendly/recycled. I had no clue on what to do until i was wandering around shops opposite my school and i came across this pretty looking floor mat(yes, they're floor mats!)that struck a chord in me and i bought tons to use for my dress!(they were really cheap too, $1 each if i'm not wrong) it was such a success and everyone loved the print! I had a couple lying around the house and i got thinking the other day, about what i can DIY for you guys and..... here you go! a SUPER simple skirt you can wear on any lazy day OR you can wear it on a night out! i wore it to my flea market on saturday and got tons of compliments on it. Everyone's reaction to it being a floor mat was just..... "HUH?!? FLOOR MAT? LET ME SEE!" 

Here's how you can make yourself one!

You'll need: 
Two floormats 
(they vary in size so you should check it around your waist before buying it)
A zipper
(i chose one with a gold detailing heh)
Sewing machine
(or you could attempt it sewing by hand! let me know if you do!)

1) Firstly, pin the two mats together at the sides and try fitting it on! if it does fit well, try getting a larger floor mat!

2) Measure the length of your zip 
3) take one mat and sew down two lines(to the length of your zip) right in the middle like such (pictured below) 
/As the mats are made out of weaves, you need to be careful with any cuts you make as they will unravel upon cutting. to ensure that it doesn't unravel, secure it down with a stitch. 

4) make a cut in the middle 

5) attach a zipper. Now, attaching zippers may be hard to understand but it is easy once you get the hang of it!(google if you really don't know!)

6) place the right sides of your mat together. the side with your zipper facing out should face the corresponding pattern on the other mat. 

7) sew the sides down

8) try it on and make adjustments to the waist if necessary
(the skirt was too big for me at the waist, so i took in a few centimeters and sewed a curve down to meet the previous stitch)

9) flip the skirt inside out

10) WERK IT with a basic tee and a funky necklace, just like how i did!

hope y'all try this out sometime and let me know if you did! tag me on instagram or tweet me or ask.fm me!DIY suggestions? Blog post ideas? let ME know what YOU want to see here!

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(edit/ someone told me that another blogger did this DIY before i did, haha! but oh well)