What's in my bag?/These are a few of my favorite things

What's in my bag?

If i had to choose ONE favorite bag out of the many that i own, it would have to be this beautifully and meticulously woven rattan bag from Bali. I can still recall that trip, as if it was yesterday- beautiful handicrafts every, bustling streets, vast beaches.

 I distinctly remember how i first laid my eyes on this bag at a market in Ubud. I haggled with the lady who was selling these until it was to my satisfaction but it wasn't until i reached singapore and actually started using it, that i realized how versatile and lovely this piece was. It seemed to shape shift to any occasion with any outfit. 
If you see my instagram pictures long enough, you would know how much i carry this bag- to death! 

Wonder what i carry around in that mysterious basket? well, you'd be surprised how many things you can fit into such a small space!

John Green's Paper Towns
I always carry a good book around and since i haven't been able to get much reading in light of all my schoolwork, this book has been following me around for quite a bit!

 Typo journal & a pen/
I also carry my notebook filled with sermon notes & a pen, in case i ever want to reread them or even journal! I love journaling and i think it is a very healthy form of exercise for your soul- to put it into writing.

For those long train & bus rides or even while shopping alone! i always feel like a rockstar strutting down town with rihanna blasting in my ears

 H&M aviators/
My favorite pair of sunnies to date!

 Charles & Keith wallet/
A gift from my dearest friend chelsea for my 19th birthday this year!

M)phosis pouch/
Another gift from a dear friend, JJ, for christmas! super handy for housing the following:
Keys, Lip Balm, Mark's & Spencers Rose Hand & Body Lotion, Silkygirl lipstick in Vamp, Maybelline's Lashionista

I always carry these beauty essentials because you'll never know when you need to touch up on your makeup! Also because singapore's weather dries out my skin SO MUCH, resulting in my super dry skin! i'm constantly slabbing on my lotion but also because it smells so beautiful *_*

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