Accents of London: part 1 of many

First glances

i am highly aware of how horrible i look in these pictures but mind you, i had just come out from an (almost) 17 hour flight! But anyway, finally: the first of many posts to come about the most beautiful place ive ever set my eyes on: London. I've been really excited about this trip and now after coming out of it, i must express how much i miss the bustling streets, cosying up to my two favourites buds and eatin Tesco's chocolate cake almost every night and most importantly: the London weather. 

The weather was brilliant, almost too perfect for me. We spent the first day wandering around, settling in, picking up groceries and just taking in all london had to offer. We stayed at Presidential Apartments, Marylebone and i simply can't express what an amazing place we had. Their service staff were really friendly and helpful (did i mention, cute? :p) and it really made our stay extremely pleasant.

Also, i really love how my skin & hair looked like in london: PERFECT. i may go crazy if i ever (i definitely will) live there one day at how clear and fresh my skin looked almost every morning. But of course,there were days it peeled up because of the cold but NEVERTHELESS, it was too perfect. 

The #AccentsOfLondon posts will come to you bit by bit because i wanted everyone to savour what i have to share.
New experiences, sights and of course, YUMMY FOOD! each post will be dedicated to different places such as Camden, Covent Garden etc etc or even amazing food places like The Breakfast Club so stay tuned! (i can't wait to type away)