The adventure begins here!


My heart is stirring as i'm typing this, filled with lots of excitement (and a bit of uncertainty)
These past few days have been surreal, stuffing 19 days worth of clothes into my luggage. The last time i travelled so far was last year, to Perth. This time, i'd be flying alongside my two favourite buds to a destination i could only dream of going to. Only, it won't be a dream no more!

 Now, choosing the right clothes was the toughest part. Looking fabulous and staying warm is hard, but achievable by choosing the right components. Knits, leather and pants were the only way i'd go, seeing as the weather over there calls for much layering.

 I'm looking forward to experiencing new sights, food, a change in weather.... the whole package! FINALLY, 3 weeks away from humidity. As you know, i am in LOVE with London's streetstyle and also, this trip coincides with London Fashion Week (!!!!!) I may not have the chance to go in but i'd definitely do like others do: stand around outside hoping to catch a glimpse of all the fabulously dressed people strutting in the season's best!

 I can't wait to blog for ya'll when i'm there but look out for me on instagram (@trishnarawr) and my influx of #accentsoflondon pictures to keep you on your feet! I can't wait to share this london experience with everyone :-) 

. I don't know how this trip will inspire me, or awaken me in any way, but let's hope for the best. 

To crossing borders, new adventures, knits & wanderlust