Accents of London: Portobello Market

#ACCENTSOFLONDON: Portobello Market

bought a pretty bracelet from this quirky seller :p

Salami & cheese crepe that gandeep and i shared (and fell in love with)

 Wearing/ Rose cardigan: Primark, Checkered shirt: Uniqlo, Ripped jeans: Online & DIY, Boots: Primark

Besides the occasional crepe stall or flower shop, Portobello market is filled with such gorgeous antiques that range from designer bags to fur coats and even giant telescopes (i kid you not!) To get there, we had to walk through rows of the pretty pastel houses of Notting hill. Early on that saturday morning, Portobello market was full of tourists and even Londoners! i assure you, if i resided in london, Portobello market would be my favourite haunt every weekend! We tried the Salami and cheese crepe and almost died at how deliciously yummy it was (and the price, 3 pounds, what a killer)

Just typing about it now sends me a shiver of nostalgia down my spine as i recall the walk through such a beautiful market. Oh, take me back to Portobello!