LFW: 1


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Wearing: Bag from Primark, Disco pants from Primark, Blazer from Rockit, Checkered shirt from Uniqlo

i miss London's rainy weather, even if getting caught in one means icky socks and drenched hair. Wore this ensemble to LFW a weeks ago (okay, not really) we went to Hyde Park where to Topshop show was just to check it out and wow, the crowd was amazing! Streaming in like little droplets of the rain (that graced us with it's presence, what's new?) were london's finest and most fashionable people ever.
Whenever some really famous arrived there would be a SWARM, literally a swarm, of photographers itching to take a shot of them. I think it was only then, that we saw how gorgeously some londoners would dress like.

 look at this sweetheart! isn't she adorable (and DEAD photogenic)


All Bar One 
108 New Oxford Street 

This was our second time eating at All Bar One, situated somewhere in Oxford street, tucking away behind a busy street. It was the only place we thought to escape from the rain and fill our tummies while we were at it. Oh, i could just taste that Cod fish wrap in my mouth :')