Hat from H&M, Shoes from Primark, Pants from Zara, Crop top from H&M, Bag from Primark
Pictures by my gorgeous girl, Jackie

Tiiiiiiis' the season to be decked in black. No, really. Ever since i came back from brilliant London, all i can ever think of while getting dressed is "okay, where did all my black coloured clothing go I NEED EM' NOWWW" Maybe it's the because i only ever dressed in blacks and greys in london or maybe i'm simply just..... tired of looking like remnants of a rainbow.

Wore this getup to Fide fashion week here in singapore for Pierre Balmain show. Let's just say, i was expecting more than what i got but it was an experience to have seen a Balmain show, after all. Maybe the next time, i'll be front row and be raving about it soon after? let's hope so.