Jamaica Blue, my heart sings for you!

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Eggs Benedict with sauteed mushrooms

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French toast with caramelized bananas in butterscotch sauce/
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Babydoll Top from NastyGal, Necklace from Topshop, Shorts from Flea, Bag from Primark London, Shoes from Topshop

If there's one thing i love about sundays, it's good food & company. 
Although I dont frequent cafes enough to know which ones are good, there's one cafe i know i'd love to share with everyone: Jamaica Blue. I chanced upon it one fine sunday with sam before church and i fell in love with their breakfast menu- INSTANTLY. I'm not much of a food extraordinaire but i definitely know when my tastebuds explode and my stomach begs me for more *cue Oliver twist's "please sir, i want some more"*

I love sharing good food with the people i love so i brought my dearest Grace out for brunch (we missed you, ells!) and we were definitely more than satisfied! We split an Eggs benedict & French toast for both a sweet and savoury experience and we were both in tears (almost) and making very inappropriate noises (typical) while savouring each bite. It was as if the Jamaica Blue Gods took a piece of heaven and served it to their customers. Even their coffee was pretty awesome! The total bill came up to about 30 SGD for 2 people and i'd say that's quite a reasonable price to pay for such a mouthwatering experience, don't you? 

They're situated at The Star Vista and i know it's pretty out of the way BUT...... the foodgasm you will soon experience is DEFINITELY worth the travel down! 

Jamaica Blue
The Star Vista
1Vista Exchange Green
Nearest Mrt: Buona Vista

On another totally irrelevant note: my Nastygal babydoll top is here! hurray!
 Let the holidays begin