So everyone's been wondering WHY i recently decided to chop off all my precious curls and i thought it would make a great comeback post as i haven't been posting in a VERY long while. Here i am, back from the dead!

Anyway, if you've seen my recent instagram and/or facebook posts you'd realize that MY HAIR IS GONE! But no, it wasn't a a decision of mine. I was forced to chop off all my hair after a horrendous haircut one fine sunday. But i have no regrets at all, i'd like to see it as fate for that god forsaken haircut in which i cried buckets afterwards (kidding) 

It was initially cut really badly, and i mean REALLY BADLY. Voluminous on top, yet very scarce on the bottom. It made it impossible to go out without looking like my hair got caught in some sort of turbo engine. My friends and i decided that the only way to salvage the monstrosity that was my hair was to chop it all off.

 So there i was, in search of any old salon to revive my hair. I sat in the chair, heart pumping, wondering if this would further add to my pain of having bad hair. i told her to cut it to the length of my shoulder but after that was done, i just looked really..... odd. I gave up, got the thumbs up from my friends to cut everything off. And i did! I looked in the mirror for the last time thinking, that if it ended badly i'd just invest in some sort of contraption that could hide my hair from the eyes of the world (a motorcycle helmet, maybe?) 

The final result of my haircut: A very annoyed hairdresser and a very satisfied customer! 

I must say, i feel like such a new person. I start to see myself being much more bold in my thoughts and actions so, maybe this new haircut is a start of a new and improved trishna?
i hope so!

to a new do, a new me