Adventures of Modelz & Moon Moon/CSHH


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Aviators: H&M, Top: Bangkok, Necklace: COS

Ells, Grace & i have decided to make good use of our time before classes to go explore places & cafes in singapore we haven't been to (our previous expedition was to the Singapore Art Museum!) and today, it was Chye Seng Huat Hardware! 

Got my passport renewed before brunch and I HAVE TO SAY HOW AWESOME IT FEELS TO DO IT BY YOURSELF. I can now tick that off my 20's-to-do-list *pats back* Anyway, Gracie led the way to CSHH from Lavender Mrt which was pretty torturous not because of the distance but because of the HEAT *wipes sweat* Singapore's chilly weather has officially vanished! It's funny how i never used to go out without an outerwear or something to cover up because i'm ALWAYS getting cold but that day was so hot i'd rather be walking around in a bathing suit heh heh okay, no........

I fell in love with the exterior because it looked pretty much like the other hardware stores we passed by which makes it hard to spot if you're not paying attention but i really liked how they combined the old exterior with the modern interior. Very refreshing! The atmosphere was pretty chill with a great variety of different people crowding round their mini wooden tables, sippin' on good ol coffee. Yes, i loved their coffee. We settled down outside as 1. I love alfresco dining and 2. there wasn't any space anyway. It kinda felt like we were in a courtyard of some sort with it's exit being something you'd see at an industrial-y type of place. You know, iron gates and stuff. 

The three of us shared a Prawn Aglio Olio ($13) & a Huat Breakfast ($17). note: yes, i giggled at 'Huat Breakfast' while ordering and you would've too heh heh. I'm quite a fan of lemonade and their lemonade was pretty good! not too sour with a hint of mint. I practically devoured every garlic-y bite of that aglio olio and THE PRAWNS were uber fresh and succulent! Found myself scooping every little bit of the leftover garlic bits hehe *GO GARLIC!* The breakfast was great too, though the croissant was burnt (oops) but nonetheless, the three of us found ourselves making inappropriate noises while eating. (DEFINITELY going back there!)