Adventures of Models & Moon Moon: 'SPLORERS










Spending this holidays being adventurous and proactive, rather than lounging my lazy ass on my floral sheets pretending to be productive. I apologise for the scarce updates, though. Twenty-fours in a day is simply not enough, especially when you're swarmed with school assignments. Life of a design student, as we all know it.

Ells, grace and i (or, models & moon moon as we like to call ourselves hehe :p) decided to be adventurous and explore the hidden places of singapore. Away from bustling roads and crowds, we found a little gem. Run down yet beautiful in its little ways, was a lonely little house. It was nothing like i've seen before, though. (Not many houses still look this way) Perfect to take pictures!

Stopped by Kith Cafe for some refuelling (the sun was VICIOUS!). Ells and i got the big breakfast and grace had the Corn omelette. Fact: Big Breakfasts are my guilty pleasure. there's nothing i love more than pure FATS on a plate......and toast.......and mushrooms..... okay, i'm going to have to stop myself here before i drool all over my keyboard. The ice mocha came in a huge glass with tons of chocolate running down the sides (!!!) The best kinda thing to wash down all that fats with! One thing i've come to realise about cafe food is the portions in which they serve their food in. Kith Cafe is definitely not stingy in their portions, because i could barely finish everything on my plate! Definitely adding Kith Cafe to my list of favourite cafes to go back to >:)

Headed down to Jean Yip for a hair appointment in preparation for a photoshoot with them and i'm very excited to share that with everyone so stay tuned!

lots of love & french toast 
Trishna G.