it was love at first sight

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 Oversized tee: H&M, Assorted necklaces: Cotton On, Backpack: Primark, London, Floppy Hat: H&M, Aviators: H&M, Strappy black sandals: Zara/
(Photos by: mah babe, Ells of

A lot of people ask me where i like shopping at and with no hesitation, Zara is always my answer. I don't shop there as often as i'd like to but when i do, it's always something worth drooling about. 

On a beautiful sunday afternoon, i fell in love. Thick black glossy ankle straps with its uncanny similarity to birkenstocks caught my eye in the corner of Zara and AT THAT MOMENT, I SWEAR WE WERE.....okay let me stop myself here. Let me just say that it was a pair of shoes i just had to have.

Of every beautiful pair of Zara shoes that i own, i must admit: these were the most comfortable of them all. Ive always told myself (about the other pairs of shoes): yes i'll wear it! most definitely! But after one or two rounds they sit on my bedside shelf in their dustbags and i can almost hear they begging to be worn. I apologise, dear protectors of my feet, for you do not protect my feet at all!!!!! After a while it gets a bit painful to walk around in (but then again, maybe theyre just new shoes). I'm all for comfort over style and i'm very glad to say that i AT LEAST have a pair from Zara they includes both comfort & style. 

Been shooting lots and have been delightfully inspired by many things and people around me. Currently working on a series of photographs i have been inspired to shoot and i can't wait to accomplish it!  I'm starting to realise what i want and it's been eye opening, definitely. Watch this space 

of blisters, rain & peaceful nights, 
Trishna G.