Last lap

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Grey jersey tank from H&M, Coin necklace from F21, Disco pants from Primark, Grey knit sweater from H&M, Nike Air Max from Milan 
Photos: Ellie (it's her birthday today!)

So i'm back in school and what a better way to start school than with our annual first-day-of-school tradition:DESIGN SCHOOL FLASHMOB! These are the little things that make me proud to be in Design School :') 

 It feels so surreal to be walking through design school and seeing so many unfamiliar faces. The most surreal of them all: being in Year 3. It feels like just yesterday that i first stepped into Design school, feeling all jittery in my red knee-high socks and bowler hat (yes, i know) 
But it's my last lap and i know that these 9 months will past REALLY FAST. brace yourself, Trishna

Took out my new shoes for a spin and i'm not usually a nike girl but i am in love with it (!!!!) It must be fate because hey weren't actually for me. It was originally a gift from my mom to my sister but somehow it wouldn't fit her. BUT LO AND BEHOLD, IT FIT ME! Not a total waste after all. Thank you Nike Gods, wherever you are! 

i'll be back, with more lovely visuals
so watch this space!