oh you smiled as if to say, i knew my heart was yours from the first day




denim jacket from Flea market, White leather shorts bought online, black crop tank from H&M, Aviators from H&M 
(Pictures by Ellie T. /Forgotten Territory)

I thrive a lot on pain. If i'm hurt, i'll do everything i can to distract myself from feeling anything. If i'm angry, i'll use up all the anger and channel it into doing something productive. These days, i've been sucking up every atom of negativity and channelling it into being a better person. Be it in terms of creative work or even reflecting as a person. I thrive a lot on pain.  

It's been one week since school started and my mind has been a flurry of questions: What do i do for menswear? What fabrics do i choose? Where do i go for internship? Should i eat at Mcdonalds or Subway or Mcdonalds or Subway or...... you get the picture. I'll admit: it's a good feeling. I like how school keeps me busy and sends my mind buzzing with things that inspire me and keeps me passionate about the things i do.

Took a trip to Chinatown the other day with team to source out for new fabric for our current assignment: Menswear! In an attempt to avoid the horribly sunny weather, i dressed down to shorts, a tank top and my trusty sneakers. Verdict: FAILED! Note to self: never wear leather shorts out on a hot day, Yikes! 

P.s lots of exciting collaborations coming up, i can't wait!