The Club Of Odd Volumes x Ellie T.



IMG_0270 copy

wearing: 'Gun it' tee, designed by my babe Ellie, Get yours here
Ripped jeans from a friend, ripped it myself + OLD tutorial here & Heels from Zara
Photos: Ellie

I distinctly remember telling Ellie awhile back that there was a competition on The Club Of Odd Volumes and how she should join it, just for fun. Who knew that in a matter of weeks, her design would get chosen to be mass produced along with lots of other brilliant designs? I remember her face, which turned cherry red, after when she got the email informing her about the submission. "I GOT IT!!!! MY SUBMISSION GOT CHOSEN!!!!" Well done, bubs!

That's what life is about, isn't it? Taking chances, never knowing where those choices will bring you. There'll be good choices and then there'll be bad choices. Some may outweigh the others but they will ultimately be vital to our growth. Every choice.
As for me, i'm back on my feet and ready to kick ass, yeaaaaaaaaah!