have a naiise day!


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Wearing: Denim shirt from Thrifted, Jeans (DIY Rips) from H&M, Hat from H&M, Heels from Zara & Bag from Sophie Hulme.

Took a trip to Naiise's pop up store last friday as a treat to the end of a horrible week! Thanks to my cutie of a friend, Cass, I got to know about this quirky pop-up store through an email she sent me and i thought, "Hey, why not?" Only a walk away from Lavender MRT, Naiise is tucked away in a quiet corner on King George's street amidst the bustling hardware stores. There were so many cutesy trinkets and even food products like coconut flavoured granola?! (which cass let me try since i am SUCH A FOOL for coconut). Naiise and its designers will also be running free, short-duration demos every weekend, which are targeted at helping people better understand the nuances of the designers' crafts, as well as a 1-day local food tasting event to showcase its newly launched local food section.

Naiise Pop-up store
115 King George's Avenue
open daily from 12 noon to 7 p.m. daily, from 24 May to 22 June 2014

AND FOR THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR................... I have finally brought Sophie out!!!!!!! *does a little dance* If you're wondering who she is, please kindly refer to the pictures above and spot the little beauty cradling in my arms. Yes, i'm talking about THAT bag. I'm usually never fond of changing my bags because i'm extremely lazy to keep transferring all my stuff to another. Usually, i'm always seen carrying two bags: my Monki tote or my handy black bag from Primark. Funny how they say that high heels make a woman feel powerful, Sophie did the same for me coz i sure did feel like a million bucks walking around with such a beaut in my arms!

till next time,
Trishna G