Perkbykate x The Ordinary Co.






IMG_8915            IMG_9051

IMG_9160                    IMG_9170IMG_9177 Wearing: Jewelry by The Ordinary Co. & Lingerie by Perkbykate
(Check out the full lookbook HERE)
Photography: Monica

It's finally the holidays! weeks of sleepless nights and pricked fingers (on the sewing machine, of course) and allllll i want to do right now is to lounge around in Perk by Kate's beautiful selection of lingerie and have coffee all weekend long! Introducing, #PerkbykateforTheordinaryco. What could be better than dainty jewelry paired with beautiful lace? I was so honoured that i had the chance to be a part of this collaboration and had a great time with Kate, founder of, at her BEAUTIFUL home along with the babes from! I am a SUCKER for awesome lingerie so you could've imagined my reaction when i saw all the pieces kate had in store for the day's shoot. Paired together with dainty necklaces, earrings and rings: PERFECTION. 

Nuff' said, i'm going to be dreaming about lace, gems and kate's beautiful house for a looooooong time! (lots of love to the team, it was a pleasure working with you!)