Kudos to the weekend!

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Watch: Welovekudos.com, Khan in black and silver
(get yours at Welovekudos.com and hmmmm "shippingonus" for free shipping, hows that sound?)

Apologies for the lack of updates but school is really getting crazy! We're on to our last days in the studio before internship commences, getting our sewing on with this current tailoring module and updates: this is my first piece of work i have not screwed up so far, hooray! 

Also, i received a lovely little surprise in the mail a few weeks back from the team at WeLoveKudos and surprise, surprise! I chose a silver timepiece from their wide variety of beautiful watches instead of the usual: Gold (accentsofgold, hello?) I think it's time to change it up, GO SILVER OR GO... okay nevermind.

But it's funny, i distinctly remember telling someone that i'd probably neglect this piece just because its silver and overuse my brand new (gold) Casio classic i scored at Chatuchak market, Bangkok BUT NO, i can't seem to get this off my wrist. Sorry, not sorry, this baby is going to be part of my daily essentials from now on! 

Editing my #YINGYANGKOK pictures and i've just sent my second roll of film to be developed, i love how i've grown so attached to this little disposable camera thing, i've decided it's going to be a regular thing here on Accentsofgold, what do you guys think?