Bout that film lyfe #2

(shot with a Kodak disposable camera)

This pretty much sums up how my two week long holiday went. Lots of laughter, sleepovers at the alphacave, friday nights at simpang with the gang, rare date nights and most importantly: my trusty disposable camera to capture every moment. I've been getting a lot of questions about my film pictures and the way they turn out so here you go, guys! i'm no film photography afficionado but i really hope to keep shooting in film for a while. Maybe it's time to invest in a good film camera, even. But hmm, my love for disposable camera will be here for a while, because i love the way it sounds when i wind it up for a picture and i love the bright, blinding flash that comes after the very unimpressive "click" (as ellie always says) 

I love how you have to wait until the end of the roll to see shots taken, it's kinda like christmas really.