bout dat film lyfe #3

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(all pictures shot by me on a kodak disposable camera, except the first four- shot by annette)

I've left this roll to rot on my shelf for a month too long but i'm glad they're finally developed! I love allllll the blues in this roll, thanks to my shots in Batam. Looking at it now makes me smile cause all these moments captured in film are spinning fresh in my head.

 A lot has changed since and i like that i remember the events of my life through the pictures i take. I always seem to be able to recount what happened on that day or what i was going through at the period of time. I remember how in the third picture, i was so anxiously waiting for someone to ask me out. And the last, our second day at work! But not every memory is a good one, i'm afraid. I remember these days like i remember the good ones. I guess that's how my mind works. Looking at it now, all these pictures just look the same, they all look so happy and maybe that's just how i should choose to see things these days. 

On another note, i miss my friends quite dearly. We said that a lot will change when jeremy goes to army and it really has. I miss the free fridays we spend in jeremy's place, OR THE ALPHA CAVE as we call it, going for midnight suppers at Simpang and oh my, BATAM! How can i forget Batam? I'll be sure to edit my pictures from there but for now, let's let the film do all the talking. 

P.s One more roll from my newly acquired La Sardina, courtesy of Lomography Embassy SG & Actually SG, is on the way! Stay tuned x