Monday Hustlin'

      Wearing | tee from WORK IT!,, Pendant necklace from The Ordinary Co., disco pants from primark, denim vest from Sportsgirl, Slip ons from Topshop

How was everyone's weekend? 

I spent my weekend away from my phone, which might be the sole reason i had such an awesome two days. Free from social media (besides the updating of instagram, once or twice), free from whatsapp, f-r-e-e. I apologise if i took a long time to reply to emails, texts etc. I thought of how being on my phone practically all the time has made me such a sad person. It really has, and it took me so long to realise. I'd check instagram, whatsapp, twitter and facebook almost every five minutes. It's mindless and most importantly: it sucks the life out of you. I threw my phone aside. I made myself a nice cup of tea, threw on some boxers and spent the day watching countless episodes of Sex and The City. I practically lazed around all day but with the consciousness of I observed the way the sun danced down on my curtains, the soft purring of jewel from the sofa, the distant chatter of people from below and it was pleasantly comforting. I felt my spirits being lifted and my soul well, a bit of my soul came back again. It's time we start shifting our eyes away from our phones and onto what the world has to offer, instead.

P.S: the lovely dudes at has kindly invited me to write up a post on their site about my experience with film but most importantly, my adventures with a disposable camera! Stay tuned, the post should be out this week