Now, who says i don't smile?

 IMG_2721 IMG_2720
 Denim overalls from Topshop, Green high neck top from Topshop, Crossbody bag from H&M

Waking up late resulted in grabbing whatever i could find at first glance: a pair of old overalls and crossbody bag. Perfect. Never really thought i could work overalls without looking a tad kiddy but the bag killed it! Thoughts: wouldn't a fanny pack werk with the getup as well? I'm thinking the right size and shape would definitely edge it up. (Yes, i think fanny packs are cool) I ran around with one as a kid in the 90's and here's hoping that someone will bring it back! I was too tempted to tie the straps to my waist, maybe it's time to DIY a fanny pack yes/no?

We had a good day today. Macdonalds breakfast treat from our lovely boss sharon and had whacky conversations with her and Lena over our AM Sunrise rolls and hashbrown! I was especially touched when one of them shared the story of how she met her husband with us. Kept me thinking about fate, life and love all day. I have to say that the perks of this internship is definitely meeting so many creative and wonderful individuals, i'm going to miss them all so much when i leave!