P.s i love cake and fries

Wearing: Top from Younghungryfree.com, Shorts (thrifted), earrings from H&M, watch from tickintorque.com, Marble print paper wallet from walart.com

(Pictures: Annette)

P.s Cafe, Palais Renaissance 

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Palais Renaissance, is one of my favourite spots to frequent and have coffee and CAKE. I was so pleased when the waiter let us sit outside because i really like dining alfresco because 1) Good lighting for my instagram picture (guilty as charged) and 2) the fresh air does me good every now and then. 

I'll let you in on a secret: P.s Cafe is one of my ideal *DATE* location i've fantasized about countlessly and have definitely gushed about one too many times to Annette (sorry boo). The first time i came with a few friends and we devoured their truffle fries. "Doesn't it feel like we're at some cafe overlooking central park? someone said, and i couldn't agree more. Maybe it's me, or the excessive reruns of Sex and the City i've been watching but P.s Cafe certainly makes me feel very carrie bradshaw-esque?! Does it not? 

I'm all for the cafe culture, which is pretty common in singapore, but i do have my doubts about certain places. P.s cafe, is not one of it. Of everything to talk about, Ambience is the first.You get moms feeding their kids over coffee with friends, couples who argue occasionally and first dates with the "no-let-me-get-the-bill" dance and then there's me..... in the corner with one of my closest friends, stuffing our faces with our favourite double chocolate cake and truffle fries and talking about our latest happenings in our lives. It's our thing, like: i need to tell you about so and so omg CAN WE HAVE TRUFFLE FRIES PLEASE?! 

So, again we go: the ambience? on point. Quiet, but not too quiet. You get huuuuuge plants in the middle of the place both indoors and out, and their beautiful tiles + marble finishings. The food? divine. Especially their coffee, SUPER rich. But you must be wondering.....the price? Slightly steep and more than what you'd pay at an average cafe but it's definitely worth every cent. Every time.

note to self: Next visit to P.s, I promise i'll *TRY* not to order their cake and fries AGAIN, hehe