Sunday Funday: One Man Coffee

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Sunday vibes included waking up with a severe case of brunch-itis, my newly coined term for the illness that is craving for yummy french toasts and coffee and eggs of every kind. Mom and i skipped yoga yet again and decided that this sunday was meant for being lazy (we swore, we'd go back next week!) Sundays are my favourite days. I get to wake up at whatever time i want without it being inappropriate and getting an earful from everyone "IT'S 1PM WHY ARE YOU STILL IN BED" Easy: it's sunday. Sundays are meant for bare faces, sloppy dressing and chilling out before the hectic week starts again. At least, it is for me.

So with that thought, Annette and i made impromptu plans to visit One Man Coffee since she was in the neighbourhood, or more like because i was lazy to travel anywhere else. It's sunday, like i said. No makeup, shorts and slippers.

I've always read of decent cafes near where i stay but funny as it is, i always seem to put more effort into travelling out to hunt for cafes. Man coffee was on my list to visit and i'm glad i did! Heard a lot about their brunch menu but i didn't get to try it because allllllll we were craving for was chocolate cake and coffee.Verdict: P.S Cafe's double chocolate cake STILL TAKES THE CAKE (pun intended). But it was a pretty decent place, the atmosphere was buzzing with good vibes and john mayer was silently serenading us over the speakers so i'd say it was a good place to sip on coffee and talkBoth by yourself and with good company. Perfect place to be alone to pen my thoughts, i'll make sure i swing by when i find myself feeling cranky.

One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thompson Road
open daily 9-5