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Wearing/ sheer tee from Forever 21, Crossbody bag from H&M, Buckle up sandals from Zara, Sweatpants from Primark, earrings are made by me
Pictures by Ellie T, Edits by me

Thursday morning saw me waking up to a stuffy nose and an itchy throat. GREAT. It must be all the late night chocolate sneaks to the fridge. Grabbed the most comfortable thing in sight which happened to be these pair of sweatpants i haven't worn in ages. Perfect fit. Maybe it's time i invest in a few more pairs. Oh and, start going back to yoga again. Can't begin to explain how comfy i felt today- ultimate no makeup (except lippy and a dash of eyeliner, of course) + sweatpants combi of the year

 We ran around returning clothes like the yingyangterns we are and ended up bumping into Gerald, one of the writers for Style Men, and grabbed gong cha with him (thanks for the treat, G!) One week and two gong cha treats, SCORE! We conversed about school and how he landed at Style, a very interesting turn of events. Funny how life takes us places, no? One day you're waking up from a painful heartbreak and the next you're waking up to your dream job. It's surreal. Just thinking about how many more days left for internship makes me a little sad inside but the best i can do to thank God for even landing a spot here is to make the best of what i have left. It's definitely been an insightful 1.5 months. I've learnt so much and yet, i'm yearning so earnestly for more. But that's how it is, no? There really isn't any limit to learning. 

I'm ready for so much more so, bring it on!