One day we'll get nostalgic for disaster

Everyone has people they are grateful for and here are mine. These are the people who've left me laughing till my stomach ached, who've shared midnight Mcdonalds meals with me, who've seen me cry till there were no tears left and who've also sat through each others' darkest hours. Our friendship, though formed very unconventionally, is truly divine and also a mark of how He sees us through the dry seasons, even if we felt like He didn't exist anymore. This past one year has felt like a dreadful walk through the wilderness, but ironically also a very eventful twelve months. Though i may have failed a few times, got my heart broken and lost a few friendships; I've met so many wonderful people, landed the internship of my dreams but most importantly: I've grown up.  

And though it is *JUST OCTOBER*, it hardly ever is too late to look back to reflect. In a mere two months, 2014 will be over and then comes a fresh start. Graduation, turning twenty one and stepping into the working world are only a few things i can think of from the back of my head that will be significant changes for the coming year. I'm REALLY excited for all of that but first, let's make these last two months of 2014 count.