Saturdays with me


Weekends for me can either make or break my whole week. I love having free weekends with absolutely no work to do with no things to shoot so that i can take all that lost time during the week to catch up with the people i love. A few weekends ago, i decided to invite everyone over to have a feast! I'm no chef, really, but there's just something about cooking for people you love. In the afternoon, we cooked a REALLY late breakfast with wraps and eggs and lotttttts of mushrooms (thanks to our fungi chef, jj). It was a frantic mess in the kitchen, with four people each trying to fight for the saucepans. Dishes were starting to stack up but we had our handy dandy dishwasher to whizz them away. Thanks for keeping my kitchen clean, Martin. I'm proud to say that my chicken and mango wraps were a hit!!!!

We cooked again in the evening for the rest of the gang. took us a while to figure out what we should feed them and thought, the good ol' spaghetti and pizza can never go wrong with boys.  We were right! Gathered round my new tv and watched a couple of movies, drank lots of Moscato and stuffed our faces with brownies. It was pretty perfect. Definitely looking forward to cookouts with the people i love.

I've been terribly busy with FYP and all i can say is that i'm glad that i have not messed up thus far. It's been a whirlwind of emotions and many days with horrible sleep but i know that everything will be worth it. Hang in there with me! i'll be sure to start posting again x