if anyone is listening

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Culottes from Klarra,Sandals from Zara, Backpack from RunwayBandits

It's been a while, huh? FYP is finally over and i feel as if i can breathe again. So many things have changed since i was last on here. Funny, hmm? how much things can change in a matter of months.

It feels strange. Strange to wake up to see sunlight peeking in, no alarm clocks blaring in the backgrounds, no scramble to get dressed for school. The past few months have been nothing but a roller coaster but i pulled through! I've made it this far, and i can't be any more thankful. Thankful for God, for my perseverance, friends who pulled me along, friends who slapped me with reality checks and the mama bear, of course. I'll definitely share more about #TheDapperJaneProject in the next post but for now, know that i'm back! i'm back and i'm not going anywhere.