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(Swimwear by Triangl & DeltaGram)


 Boy, do i miss Bali. It's just the sort of place to go to even if there's no reason for a holiday. Kinda like one of those moments where you're tired of life and you'd drop everything and buy a cheap ticket over sort of destinations. The ten of us certainly had a blast, waking up every morning to scrambled eggs and ice cold beer. I'd jump into the pool given any opportunity throughout the day, even when it was 11pm. Travelling with a big group though, can be tricky. But lucky for us, a few of us kinda knew where to go and what to see. One thing that we did that was worth mentioning (haha) were the scooters we drove on. Alright, it was an extremely dangerous decision and i will not encourage doing this but i have to admit that the thrill of it took me over!!! LOOK AT ME, MA!! I'M ON A SCOOTER. To have felt the wind through my hair and the sound of cars beeping behind was quite an adrenaline rush for me, especially since i have no experience but i'm glad i can tick that off my bucket list now (??) But anyway! I took the time to section out the places/things we did to share with everyone. It's not much but if anyone's interested, here's what we did:

Stuff to do

Water Sports

  • One thing that's been on my list for ages is SNORKELLING (10-15USD) and YES i took the golden opportunity in Bali to get that baby ticked off! Our package deal got us a complimentary ride to the Beach, Tanjong Benoa and we sat on a rocky boat that sent us out to sea. There, we dived in after putting on our snorkel masks and flippers. OKAY PAUSE, i was entirely disgusted at the thought of biting on the mouthpiece because HYGIENE but i guess it didn't really matter once i went underwater. We were given bread to feed the fishes which slightly intimidated me beacuse of the schools of fish that swarmed after the tiny morsels of soggy bread. It was a very zen experience, I must say, because the only sound you hear when you're underwater is the sound of your breathing. I can't really describe it but it just is. All in all, the experience wasn't entirely authentic as we snorkelled at a man-made reef. Beggars can't be choosers though, right? I'll make sure i go for the real deal next time at a proper destination. But if anyone is interested, we got connected to the water sports agency via here

Note: Give them a call while you're there and bargain if there's a need to, because that's what we did!


  •  To make up for a disappointing full body massage on the first night, Xiao Han and i went to another spa to make sure we got a good one before we left. It was called SMART Spa and apparently they had a few outlets in Kuta so i can't remember which one exactly. We took a one hour coconut oil massage that was slightly pricier than our first experience and it was the best ever!!! I fell asleep multiple times, as i do with massages, but i give it to the masseuse: She had the hands of a thousand angels. 


  • We spent most of the days beach hopping, which is what most people do when they come to bali. We went to Pantai Kuta on the first day, which was where Dylan and Andrea got lost while navigating us on the scooters. Funny how ONE missed turn can lead to wandering around a foreign city for the next few hours, which is what the both of them ended up doing. The few of us spent hours on the beach trying to enjoy the vibes except we were worrying excessively about WHETHER OUR FRIENDS WERE STILL ALIVE?? but all went well after a few bumps in the road (both literally and figuratively) and we definitely didn't want to set foot on a scooter for the rest of the trip after this incident. Definitely something we all still laugh about! 
  • Bluepoint Bay (the few shots in my Triangl Bikini) was breathtaking. We took a good forty minute ride from the villa to get there, where we had to climb down a mountain of stairs down to the rocky beach. The waters were clear, but not too good to paddle out or float as it was really shallow. But that was a good thing! We were literally surrounded by corals and tiny schools of fishes AND even a baby eel. Jackie brought her snorkelling gear and we took turns to look underwater (i was terrified after she pointed out the eel) 
  • Gerger Beach was, in my honest opinion, the best beach we went to during our trip. I wanted to take the rest to Dreamland Beach, where i had a blast on my previous trip, but time really wasn't on our side so Gergur beach it was! It was another forty minute drive from Kuta where we all napped but the wait was WORTH IT. We drove by many luxurious resorts to get there and i was going on and on about The Mulia, a six-star resort in Bali, when we pulled up right next to it. MY JAW DROPPED. It was like looking through the pictures on instagram except I WAS THERE. Sadly, we didn't get to roam the quarters but we did get a good view from the outside. The beach surrounding The Mulia was beautiful too, though. Pristine blue waters and sand as fine as powder. The view was littered with sandy bums and a handful of open umbrellas shading tourists from the scorching sun. I didn't mind it at all: Binge-drinking $1.40 Bintang radlers and napping under the shade was EXACTLY what i came to bali for. 


  • One of the best dinners we had was in  New Moon Restaurant at Jimbaran Bay. Jimbaran is pretty famous for their countless rows of brilliant seafood in Bali. Our driver, Cat-Cat, was the one who recommended that restaurant in particular and i'd say it was pretty amazing except for a plate of really bad clams. The bill came up to 20SGD per person which is DIRT CHEAP for the amount we ate. We literally ate to our heart's content and could barely move after, i kid you not. 
  • The Coffee Library was the first stop we took at Seminyak on our last day. We had an early check out and i thought it'd be nice to escape Kuta for a bit. I dragged everyone for the first coffee stop of our trip! The exterior caught my attention at first, when we were on the way to be dropped off at our meeting point, Seminyak Square. So anyway, The Coffee Library is a quaint two-storey cafe with a very rough-luxe type of interior. Think light bulbs, bare flooring with cement scrate countertops......you get it. We all sat around, bummed about going back home, while also enjoying a good cuppa. The coffee was good and so was my mozzarella salad. The overall vibe of the place was really chill with people like us bumming around on a friday afternoon, the faint sound of jazz playing in the background. Definitely somewhere i'd visit again on a lazy afternoon when i'm back in bali. 
  • We stumbled upon The Corner House in a desperate attempt to hide from the passing shower. A few of us were sick so it was a good break from all the walking. I was still pretty full from the snack earlier so grace, gan and i shared sliders and egg's benedict with salmon. I'd say it was a pretty decent meal for the price we paid. 

Besides that, we cooked a lot during our stay. Breakfasts, besides the first morning, was lovingly cooked by whoever woke up the earliest that day. Dylan and i whipped up a mean corned beef + scrambled eggs combo on the second morning after a morning cycle into the streets to hunt for meat. I'd rate that meal 10/10 plus three gold stars!!!!